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local search imageSearch engines like Google and Bing invested heavily in returning relevant and useful search results to their users. Now, with mobile GPS and browser based geo-targeting systems, search results are more accurate than ever. Simply put, when a local customer is looking for your goods or services, you need to be able to be found to make the sale.

There’s no secret formula to getting your business to the top of search results. In the past, keyword rich content and spammed backlinks could get a site to the top of the rankings. Now, these tactics are almost certain to get you penalized and kill traffic to your site. As search engines evolve and find ways to combat spam tactics, relevant quality websites gain an advantage.


Uber Motif Search Marketing

To rank well in search engines, your site needs to be the answer to user’s search questions. You need a trustworthy website, with accurate information, targeted towards the right audience. The three main factors search engines use to gauge a quality website are:

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User Experience

User experience is one of the strongest signals search engines use to rank websites. If your site doesn’t keep users interested, search engines will start thinking your site isn’t relevant and adjust their rankings accordingly. The key data they are collecting are time spent on your website, bounces, and exit percentage. If users are continually landing on your website and returning back to Google to look elsewhere for answers your website will be penalized and removed from the listing.

Über Motif looks at a website from the outside in. The first stage in creating a quality website is making a website that is dedicated towards the target audience. We focus on keeping the user engaged by creating a lightning fast website that is easy to navigate and understand.

“The goal of a search engine is to return the best possible result to the searcher. If the search engine fails to return the best answers the user will go to another search engine to find the answer they need.”

Things that you need to consider for User Experience:

  • Can the user easily navigate between pages?
  • Does the site load fast enough?
  • Is the website appealing enough to keep customers interested and clicking through to the next page in the sales process?

Ease of Use

If you are familiar with your website (or made it yourself) you can sometimes overlook the degree of difficulty it takes for someone to navigate your pages. If the site does not blatantly lead the user to the next step in the sales process the customer will turn to your competitors. Clearly defining the sales process is often overlooked. No one is going to take time to figure out the next step on their own and it is important you lead them to the sale. Über Motif looks at the following:

  • Defining Sales Process
  • Removing Non-existent (404) Pages
  • Readily Available Contact Information
  • Goals
  • Main Menu Navigation
  • Sidebar and Footer Navigation
  • Internal Link Structure

Load Speed

Have you ever been frustrated with a website that takes too long to load? You’re not the only one. The longer customers wait for a page to load, the more likely they are to go elsewhere.

Having a robust hosting environment behind your site is essential to success. To get a lighting fast website Uber Motif evaluates:

  • Current Hosting Environment
  • Code Structure
  • Website Caching
  • Image Size


Quality content comes in many forms:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video
  • Infographics

Quality content leads to higher sales, more brand exposure, and higher rankings. Über Motif focuses on understanding your industry and works closely with you to create content that benefits the user. While a great user experience keeps users on the website the content is what converts visitors into buyers.

Sales Pages


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Landing Pages


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Resource Pages


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Blog Posts


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External Promotion

User experience and content are only two thirds of the puzzle. Now you have to actually drive visitors to your website. The main drivers of traffic on the web are direct, organic, cost per click, and social media.

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Social media can be an important and cost effective way to drive traffic to your website. Social Media is currently the cheapest way to expose your brand to your target audience costing approximately $0.25 per 1,000 impressions. Über Motif knows how to market a website using social media. WE create a customized content and advertising plan. The key to success on social media is to out do your competition in 4 key areas.

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Consistency
  • Longevity
To succeed you need to post higher quality content then your competitors more frequently. You must maintain a consistent schedule to stay on peoples news feeds. Lastly, you need to outlast your competition. When they give up you have to continue to create quality content. For a small business owner this can become overwhelming and frustrating when the results come. Social media is probably the most difficult traffic source for business owners to master.

Über Motif understands how to create content for various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, and Instagram. By creating a plan we can use your industry knowledge and expertise and mold that into content that will do well on social media platforms.

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Paid advertising from search engines is very profitable for local businesses. When you run a cost per click advertising campaign you only pay search engines like Google when they bring a visitor to your website. The key to succeeding at cost per click advertising is to make sure you are only spending money on clicks that are bringing sales to your business. Some search terms do not lead to sales as well as others.

At Uber Motif we set up and manage our clients paid per click advertising campaigns. During the first month we cast a wide net looking for terms that could be a potential home run for the business. At the same time we are also measure important data being collected by your website including:

  • where users are leaving
  • demographic information
  • accurate sales funnels
  • and more…

After the first month we can begin to narrow down on certain terms that lead to more sales then others. We also take the time to adjust your website to this new campaign so you are converting customers at a higher percentage. This two step process helps us pinpoint weak areas on your website for improvement, and find keywords that would be worth pursing with an organic campaign.

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Organic traffic is when a user searches for a product or service you offer and clicks on your listing in a search engine result page. Organic campaigns are the most sustainable form of traffic for your website. An organic campaign can last for several years and bring steady and highly interested shoppers to your website.

In order to rank well in search engines, your website needs to be the best possible answer for a user’s search query. Über Motif works closely with business owners to leverage their knowledge and experience into search engine friendly content. By creating a great user experience, providing quality content, and properly promoting your site; we help small and medium business get found for their products or services. Once an organic campaign is in place and is ranking well on Google it is tough for your competitors to overtake your rankings. Our highly accurate data sets and previous campaigns will help us determine the most effective strategy for you.